Puppet (MDM)

Puppet (Mobile Device Management)

A powerful easy-to-use mobile device management solution to include in your mobility strategy. Save time, decrease costs and increase efficiency. Puppet (MDM) Allows the administration of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. 

Puppet Features

• Multi-tenant
• Unlimited Configurations Groups
• User Role Allocation
• Device Function Control WiFi, Bluetooth, APN & Gps
• Manage User Applications
• Manage System Application
• Device Status Management
• Application Version Management        • Remote Application Upgrade & Downgrade
• Remote Application Roll-back
• Remote Application Silent Installation, Removal, Upgrade & Downgrade

• Remote Application Configuration
• Remote Mass Deployment of User Applications
• Remote Broadcast of Notification
• Qr-code, SD Card and USB-Cable Device enrolment
• Remote Device Management of Volume, Password Strength, Screen Brightness & WiFi
• Customized Android Desktop Environment                                              • Remote Bi-direction Deployment of Content: Files, Icons, Photos
• Remote Device Administration, Reboot, Lock, Factory Reset & Password Reset

• Bulk Import of Devices
• Detailed Device Hardware and Software Asset Management
• Realtime Device Location Tracking
• Historical Devices Tracking Reporting
• Device View with Sys-admin Information IMEI, Phone Number, Battery Status, Device last Online status,
Device Name, Make & Model, Configuration Settings & Group
• White-Label & Branding of Android Desktop Environment
• Integration with Third-Party Systems
 System Wide Audit Reporting